To Fix or Not?

A well-known industry comparison website “Canstar” has suggested that borrowers should consider switching their arrangements to fixed rate options, as the market has in all probability, reached record lows. (This recommendation was issued in late July 2018).

This recommendation also co -incides with a time when several banks have started offering fixed rate mortgages which are cheaper than their standard variable rate loans. Both Macquarie and Aussie Home Loans have recently dropped their fixed mortgage rates by 10 basis points, while increasing their variable rates by 5-10 basis points.

Whilst this option has various pro and cons, and is definitely not for everybody, Venrock believes all borrowers should undertake a review to see if this option suits the borrowers circumstances.

If a fixed rate option is something that you would like to consider, talk to one of our brokers for a free review or a Mortgage Health Check.