The Third Industrial Revolution
August 31, 2017

I have just read a fascinating article which theorises that the world is just entering it’s third “Industrial Revolution”. The article was a series of extracts from an interview conducted with a well-known political and economic theorist, Jeremy Rivkin, who has a pedigree and sphere of experience which is imposing to say the least. Amongst […]

The Beauty of Youth
July 28, 2017

Our business has been hosting a 16 year old local student for the most part of this year, every Friday, on a ‘work experience’ arrangement. ‘A‘ as we will call him, is on a soccer scholarship at one of the districts’ very good quality private schools, and he plays both junior and senior soccer for […]

The Fear Factor
May 17, 2017

The documentary Bowling for Columbine was a satirical, and even sarcastic look at the USA’s gun laws and the country’s fascination with being able to lawfully carry a weapon. But the hidden theme in this classic piece of television journalism, was its veiled conclusion that there is a daily fear factor in most people’s lives in […]

Is Australia having its own financial crisis in 2017?
April 27, 2017

We all lived through the infamous GFC of 200. Which just to refresh some memories, was a worldwide crisis where the banking industry lost confidence in itself, as a consequence of convoluted funding schemes (called subprime loan securitisations), which their own internal banking brain trusts had created. Basically, these funding schemes resulted in there being […]

Attitude is the Key
March 21, 2017

Thanks to the several thousand people who read my first edition of Muzza’a Blog. There have been many books and educational material produced over the ages, relating to the theory that ‘Attitude is the key to achieving success’, Zig Ziglar and other positivity spruikers have focussed almost exclusively on this theme for decades. But it […]

Missing in Action
February 15, 2017

I am not an economist, but if I have learned one thing from being involved in the business finance world since 1978, it’s that the finance industry is a good barometer for the economy. I think this is because we act for the totality of the business market, across all disciplines such as primary production, […]

Three Tips to increase your serviceability as a property investor
June 24, 2016

With interest rates at an all-time low but with banks tightening their lending requirements there are some simple strategies to ensure your serviceability doesn’t stop you from gaining finance Cancel any credit cards that you don’t need Even if your credit card isn’t being used, the banks will take 3% of the limit as funds […]