Going Green

Venrock Finance is always looking for ways to improve our involvement within the community. Therefore, we are proud to announce our latest initiative where for every loan settled we will be donating trees through a partnership with the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. This is a local non-for profit organisation which works with the community to reduce and offset carbon emissions through various projects.

In addition to the above initiative, in 2016, Venrock took a major step forward in reducing the amount of paper we use in the office by changing from paper files to digital document management via our CRM system. Due to the current requirements of lenders, Venrock cannot be completely paperless; however, we are committed to continuing to evolve our internal systems.

If you are considering purchasing a new car or energy efficient equipment, please touch base with Venrock first as we have access to various loans for energy efficient products and services. Not only can we offer discounted loan rates for environmentally friendly vehicles, trucks, electric heavy machinery, agricultural equipment – we can also organise commercial finance for solar panels.

Please remember that Venrock is here to provide obligation free mortgage health checks, organise the finance for your new car, caravan or boat so you can get out and enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer.

Let’s work together to help build a better and sustainable future for the generations to come.